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Trump Wins Nevada Chaos: Boycott & “Rigging” Claims Rock GOP Caucuses

Trump Triumphs in Caucuses, Haley Cries Foul

Las Vegas, NV (February 9, 2024) – Former President Donald Trump emerged victorious in the Nevada Republican caucuses on Thursday, effectively securing the state’s delegates to the Republican National Convention. However, the win was overshadowed by controversy and low voter turnout due to the party’s decision to bypass the state-run primary.

Key Points:

  • Trump Wins Uncontested Caucus: Facing only minor opposition from a little-known pastor, Trump claimed victory in the caucuses, which awarded all delegates based on caucus results, not the primary.
  • GOP Bypasses Primary: The Nevada Republican Party, led by Trump allies, opted to hold their own caucuses despite a state law establishing a primary. This move barred candidates participating in the primary (including Nikki Haley) from the caucuses.
  • Haley Cries Foul: Haley, who finished second to “none of the above” in the non-binding primary, called the caucuses “rigged” and boycotted them.
  • Low Voter Turnout: Due to the confusion and lack of major contenders, voter turnout in both the primary and caucuses was reportedly low.
  • Democrats Move Forward: With a dominating win in the state’s Democratic primary, President Joe Biden continues his march towards securing the party’s nomination.

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