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Free Games Galore! Snag iljie, Dota 2, Celeste 64 & More This February!

Unwind with Puzzles, Battle Online & More - No Cost!

Free Games: Looking for some free gaming fun? Look no further! This February is packed with exciting options for players of all tastes, from relaxing puzzles to action-packed adventures. Dive into these top picks and discover your next favorite game, all without spending a dime.

Unwind with Iljie: Epic Games Store’s current freebie is Iljie, a mesmerizing puzzle game with stunning visuals and a calming soundtrack. Perfect for a stress-free gaming session, Ellie will challenge your mind and soothe your soul. Claim it now before it’s gone!

Join the millions in free-to-play giants: Steam boasts a vast library of free-to-play games, including global favorites like Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and Warframe. Team up with friends, battle it out online and experience the thrill of competition without breaking the bank.

Prime your gaming with Amazon Prime: If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, don’t miss out on Prime Gaming’s free offerings this month. Relive the magic of Celeste with the free sequel Celeste 64, unravel a chilling mystery in The Beast Inside, or take to the skies in the action-packed Aviators.

Bundle up with indie gems: Indie Game Bundles frequently feature free games, both individually and as part of enticing bundles. Explore their website and discover hidden treasures you might have missed.

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E-paper:  Divya Sandesh

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