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Google Podcasts Fades Out for US Users: Migrate Subscriptions Safely (April 2024 Update)

Google Podcasts Says Goodbye (US Only): Migrate Subscriptions Safely Before April 2nd!

Google Podcasts: Attention Podcast Fans! ️ As of April 2nd, 2024, Google Podcasts will be shutting down for listeners in the United States. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your favorite shows! But you will need to migrate your subscriptions to another platform.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Google Podcasts Says Goodbye (US Only): While the app boasts over 500 million downloads globally, usage in the US hasn’t met expectations. This closure only affects US listeners for now.
  • Migrate Your Podcast Subscriptions Safely: Moving your subscriptions ensures you can keep up with your favorite shows without interruption. Be cautious though, migrating data can be confusing and could expose you to scams.

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How to Migrate Your Subscriptions Securely

While this article doesn’t detail the specific migration process, we recommend searching for trusted instructions directly from Google. Look for official sources like the Google Podcasts app itself or the Google Support website.

Considering Alternative Podcast Platforms?

Google suggests YouTube Music as a new home for your podcasts. However, you have the freedom to choose any podcast app that suits your needs. Many platforms offer excellent podcast libraries and subscription management features.

Stay Informed and Podcast On!

This change might take some getting used to, but there are plenty of great podcast platforms out there. By migrating your subscriptions securely, you can keep enjoying your favorite shows uninterrupted. Happy listening!

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