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The statement ‘Mafia ko Mitti Mein Mila dounga’ became the top trend on Twitter

Lucknow, The difficult mind-set of chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in opposition to mafia elements in Uttar Pradesh Legislative assembly is being distinctly appreciated on social media.

Mr. Yogi’s assertion ‘Mafia Ko Moon Du Duga’ is being preferred on social media. On micro-blogging web page Twitter, not one or two or three hashtags helping the CM’s marketing campaign towards the mafia on Twitter joined the pinnacle fashion together.

In support of Yogi on Twitter, the roar of customers started to resonate in opposition to the mafia. Throughout this time, the file broke one hundred crore (one billion) greater than the mafia, the entire social media turned into shaken in opposition to the mafia. This is the first time that Yogi’s assertion has trended more than one hundred crores on the social media web page.


After the speech given in Yogi’s house, there was a stir in aid of Yogi Adityanath on various social media website online. Seeing, ‘Yogi approach Governance’, ‘Yogi Adityanath’ and ‘Yogi Surgical Strike’ began trending on Twitter. In the course of this time, wherein the hashtag Yogi Adityanath continued to fashion extra than 33 crore instances, even as the hashtag Yogi Meansagarnans remained within the top trend extra than sixty five million times. Apart from this, users continued to show their expressions on Twitter until late night in help of the hashtag yogi surgical strike.

Significantly, after the homicide of Umesh pal, the leader witness of the Rajupal murder case in Prayagraj on Friday, there has been an try to surround the authorities on behalf of the opposition events. After this, chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, while retaining a the front in the residence on Saturday, fiercely raised the leader of opposition, protecting the competition, specifically the Samajwadi celebration answerable for the mafiaism inside the state.

He said that in his tenure, the Samajwadi party not only greeted the mafia, but additionally wore a garland of plant life around his neck. Atik Ahmed, the mafia concerned inside the Prayagraj incident, has been taking part in the pride of strength via turning into an MLA and occasionally MP. In this kind of state of affairs, the Samajwadi party does no longer have the ethical right to talk some thing about this. The leader Minister additionally confident at the floor of the house that strict movement would be taken for the incident in Prayagraj and the authorities will now not be in the back of inside the motion of merging the mafia inside the soil.

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