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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC Lands Release Date and New Gameplay Trailer

Unravel the Secrets of the Land of Shadow in June

Shadow of the Erdtree: Elden Ring fans rejoice! The highly anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree DLC has finally received a release date of June 21st, 2024 and a new gameplay trailer brimming with exciting details.

Fresh Gameplay Reveals:

The “Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer” offers a tantalizing glimpse into the upcoming expansion. Players can expect:

  • Exploration of the Land of Shadow: A new, enigmatic region shrouded by the Erdtree, promising forgotten secrets and perilous adventures.
  • Miquella’s Untold Story: The DLC hints at unraveling the mysteries surrounding Miquella, the enigmatic Empyrean demigod, and his connection to the Land of Shadow.
  • Formidable New Bosses: Brace yourselves for epic encounters with fearsome adversaries guarding the secrets of the expansion.

Additional News and Information:

  • The DLC price remains unconfirmed, but rumors suggest the possibility of a full-priced expansion.
  • Pre-orders are now available across various platforms, although some may face temporary stock limitations due to high demand.
  • A limited-edition Collector’s Edition featuring a statue, artbook, and soundtrack is also available for pre-order.
  • The recent announcement has ignited excitement within the gaming community, with players eagerly awaiting their return to the captivating Lands Between.

Stay Updated:

For further details and discussions, check out the official Bandai Namco social media channels or visit prominent gaming news websites.

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