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Gemini: Google Unites AI Under “Gemini” Brand

Get Gemini! Google's New AI App Replaces & Upgrades

Gemini: Mountain View, CA (February 8, 2024) – Calling all AI enthusiasts! Google just dropped a bombshell in the generative AI realm, unifying its offerings under the sleek name “Gemini”. But that’s not all – a dedicated Android app and a premium tier with mind-blowing capabilities are here to redefine your AI interactions.

Goodbye Confusion, Hello Gemini: Remember Bard and Duet AI? Say goodbye! They’re now streamlined under the powerful “Gemini” brand, reflecting the underlying multimodal AI model. This move simplifies your experience and makes Google’s AI ecosystem clearer and more accessible.

Meet the Gemini App: Craving more direct AI interaction? Google heard you! Download the new Gemini app on Android to experience the AI firsthand. Not only can you chat with Gemini, but it can also replace Google Assistant, offering helpful contextual suggestions and a new conversational overlay.

Unlock the Power of Gemini Advanced: Want to take your AI experience to the next level? Enter Gemini Advanced! This premium tier boasts a supercharged AI model capable of holding deeper, longer conversations, remembering context, and even tackling complex tasks like coding and creative collaboration. Think of it as your personal AI powerhouse.

Subscription and Perks: Ready to unleash the full potential of Gemini Advanced? Sign up for the new Google One AI Premium Plan! At $20/month (after a sweet 2-month free trial), it unlocks Gemini Advanced and integrates seamlessly with your existing Google One benefits, including 2TB of storage and a VPN. Plus, future integration with Gmail, Docs, Slides, and Sheets is in the works!

Global Reach and Safety First: Initially available in English in the US on Android and iOS, Gemini is setting its sights on global domination. More regions and languages are on the horizon! Google also emphasizes its commitment to responsible AI, implementing extensive checks to address bias and safety concerns.

The AI Game Just Got Heated: With this bold move, Google throws down the gauntlet in the generative AI arena, directly challenging Microsoft’s Copilot and other players. The user-friendly app, powerful premium tier, and unified branding showcase Google’s dedication to offering a streamlined and advanced AI experience. Will Gemini become your new AI go-to? The future unfolds, but one thing’s for sure – the AI landscape just got a whole lot more exciting!

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E-paper:  Divya Sandesh

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