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Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree Expansion Arrives in June – New Story, Land, and More!

New Details on Elden Ring's DLC Expansion

Shadow of the Erdtree: Calling all Tarnished! Prepare to delve deeper into the Lands Between as Bandai Namco recently announced the release date for Elden Ring’s colossal expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree. Mark your calendars for June 21, 2024, as this highly anticipated DLC arrives on PC, PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox One/Series X/S.

A Land Shrouded in Mystery

Elden Ring promises a vast and exciting new area: the Land of Shadows. This enigmatic location is shrouded in secrecy, but glimpses in the trailer suggest challenging dungeons, formidable new enemies, and breathtaking landscapes.

Unleash New Gear and Abilities

The expansion won’t just test your combat prowess; it will also equip you with the tools to conquer these new threats. Expect a treasure trove of fresh weapons, armor sets, and spells to bolster your arsenal. Whether you favor brutal melee combat or devastating magic, Elden Ring will have something for every playstyle.

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Unravel the Secrets of Miquella

Tantalizing hints from the trailer suggest the expansion’s story will revolve around Miquella, a pivotal figure in Elden Ring’s lore. Prepare to embark on a captivating new quest as you explore the Land of Shadows and unearth its mysteries.

Elden Ring’s Award-Winning Legacy Continues

Elden Ring took the gaming world by storm upon release, securing numerous accolades like The Game Awards’ Game of the Year. With Shadow of the Erdtree on the horizon, Elden Ring is poised to continue its reign as one of the most expansive and engaging RPGs ever created.

Are you ready to return to the Lands Between? Sharpen your blades, Tarnished, for Shadow of the Erdtree arrives in June!

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